Best DJ Controller Stands

Best DJ Controller Stands 2020

Excited for your next performance or panicking for the safety of your expensive devices? Accidents happen but the stress should not stop your way from becoming a shining star. In this era, a DJ is as important as any special guest of the party. As a DJ our duty is to make the ambiance mind-blowing. But the heavy vibrations from your blasting performance may slip your device to damage or the congested space can make you feel tired that can ultimately affect your gig. This must not happen. Right?


Best DJ Controller Stands

So to avoid all the stress you must buy yourself a Best DJ controller Stand that can not only help you save space but also will protect your gears from sliding off. Once you have decided to buy a controller stand, next comes the frantic task of choosing a perfect one. While choosing a controller stand for your DJ setup, consider your comfort level, the features it offers, and of course don’t forget the price point. To help you buy an exemplary stand, we have already shortlisted some of the best DJ controllers stand from Pyle, MAGMA, CedarsLink, and Rockville. A Dj controller stand will help make your outdoors and in-home mixing better and overwhelming.

Quick overview of our best DJ controller stands 

For your convenience, I’ve given a quick review through the comparison table. This will save your time while providing you with authentic information that will aid you to go for the best one.

Controller Stands ModelDimension  PortableWeight 
Pyle PLPTS382x1x11.25 InchesYes5.84lbs Check Price
Magma MGA554116.5x18.5x11.77 InchesYes  3.08lbs Check Price
CedarsLink LK-Z19B14x16x25 InchesNo Check Price
Rockville ROCKD213.6x12.8x11.6 InchesNo7.84lbs Check Price

Not satisfied with the summary? Not a big deal! We came up with a detailed analysis of every product in this review guide to save you from the haunting thoughts of choosing a starting point for the shopping. 

Points to ponder while buying a DJ Controller stand

 While buying a DJ controller stand, there are some points that cannot be ignored and must be considered important. Following are the features you should keep in mind while picking a controller stand for your setup:

  • Adjustability

For an empowering performance, a DJ must be comfortable with equipment in use. A DJ controller stand provides you control over the controller while elevating it on a comfortable level.

  • Versatility

You must pick a stand that is able to accommodate a variety of devices or else you will end up buying different stands for each of your gear.

  • Sturdiness

A stand should be able to handle the weight of your controller. Buy a sturdy stand that can withstand the harshness of any mishap.

  • Price point

 You must not readily go for any expensive controller stand and must also avoid a cheap one too. The stand must be of good quality at an affordable price.

Best overall DJ Controller Stand

Pyle PLPTS38 

Pyle PLPTS38 DJ Controller Stand Starting up with the DJ controller stands from top audio equipment companies in the world. Pyle USA is a company known for its sturdy yet affordable products and Pyle PLPTS38 is one of their creations. Being a choosy person, the features that attracted me to buy this stand were the price point and its dual ergonomic design, which makes it perfect to safely place DJ mixers, turntables, or any other heavy DJ equipment. The dimensions of the stand are 14×26.4×3.4 inches, giving me plenty of space to place my gears easily, cleaning up space. While purchasing, its construction bothered me a little, but when it arrived, the good quality, heavy-duty and rugged metal construction blew me up. Turning out to be a sturdy stand, it is capable of handling 33lbs of weight. Not only this, but the pre-drilled holes gave me the option to customize the height of the stand up to 9 inches, and the anti-slip prongs guaranteed the safety of my device, empowering my performance, free of stress, every time I use this stand. Versatility as a key feature is keenly observed as I am able to open up the prongs and brackets to fit large devices. Being one of the best, this stand folds down to the smaller size for convenient traveling. It gives you a proofs look at a cheap rate. Overall, one of the best controller stands I have at my workplace.

  • Highly adjustable
  • Anti-slip prongs
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Portable design
  • Relatively cheap considering its quality
  • Too wonky for scratching

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Manual
  • 2x Foot bar
  • 2x sliding bar
  • 4x Top holder
  • 4x knob and wash
  • 6x Plastic knob
  • 2x Support
  • 3x Cross rod
  • 6x Extension rod
  • 16x EVA
  • 2x Plastic washer
  • 4x M5 screw and rubber washer

Our Verdict

 You have all the reasons to buy this stand as it is a long-lasting stand with supreme quality steel construction. Easy to travel with and relatively cheap.

Best DJ Controller Stands

Most Compact DJ Controller Stand


MAGMA MGA75541 DJ Controller Stand Next off is a stand from MAGMA, the Magma control stand II, MGA75541. This stand is a bit different from many out there in the market. Encased in a little nifty box, this sturdy stand proved itself to be a peerless option to fit over the 12 inch DJ mixer, saving my back. This stand has two ground-up platforms. One for the controller, with 9-11×9-18.5×14.5-16.5 inches of dimension and one for laptop with the dimension of 9-133.7×9-12.9×11.3 inches. Height and the width of both platforms can be adjusted individually and arms of the platform of the controller can be broadened up to 17 inches. The platforms and base legs of the stand features rubber surface to avoid scratching and slipping, providing maximum stability for power pack performance. The quality is passably excellent and the elevated platforms provided maximum protection to my gears against the club hazards. The design allows me to make most use of the space, enhancing ergonomics of the workplace making the stand a perfect space-saving solution for the DJs. Overall it is an attractive and flexible option available in two glossy finishes. It is a perfect stand to buy in every possible way.

  • Perfect for space optimization
  • Extremely stable
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Fits most Dj controllers
  • Hectic to set up
  • Heavy for frequent portability

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Manual
  • 1x MGA75541 DJ controller stand

Our Verdict

  We can have DVS-setup, a DJ controller, and a laptop on our workbench. A great professional set up at a fair price. 

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Best Budget Dj Controller Stand

CedarsLink LK-Z19B

CedarsLink LK-Z19B Controller Stand Coming up is the controller stand manufactured by CedarsLink, LK-Z19B. I would appreciate the manufacturing as this stand not only offers durability and stability but style and elegance also. The stand is versatile, as it can hold Ipad, Pioneer controllers and keyboards, Denon laptops and Vestak units. The adjustable height and width adds to the compatibility of the stand along with adjustable angled surface for easy accessibility to controller and laptop. This makes the stand appropriate for both tyro and proficient DJs. With the two slot options, one above the other, I can use multiple devices simultaneously making it a convenient option under a limited budget. The largest of the stand can open up is to 14x16x25 inches and the most teensy weensy size I’m able to utilize is 10x9x25 inches. Not compromising with the safety of the devices, the stand is built with anti-slip rubber surfaces and legs that allow me to throw a thrilling performance without any hassle. It fits all my needs. I’m liking this controller stand more than enough for the comfort it gives during the performances.

  • Custom 5 inches adjustable arms
  • Versatile design goes with a variety of gear options
  • Accommodating height, length, and width
  • Detachable spacers for different dimensions
  • Anti-slip rubber surfaces and legs
  • Fits over existing DJ setup
  • It cannot be folded for transportation
  • Can be easily damaged upon shifting subs

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Manual
  • 1x CedarsLink LK-Z19B

Our Verdict:

 Durable, sturdy and stable stand that can fit heavy controllers and mixers. A handy stand under a great price.

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Best Sturdy DJ Controller Stand

Rockville ROCK2d2 

Rockville ROCK2d2 DJ Controller Stand In the last place is the Rock2d2 DJ controller stand manufactured by Rockville, perfect for any gig. This is a dual shelf adjustable arm Dj controller stand for a DJ like me, using a controller along with a laptop or a producer using 2 keyboards. This stand is sturdy enough to accommodate my heavy and bulky DJ controller, MIDI controller and keyboard, leaving the open space for the speakers and the cables. The modular formation of sturdy steel offers different ways to set it up. The assembly is a little difficult for a single person. I had to take help to build the stand up as it is impossible to assemble it alone, but once installed, it is ready for the gig, making you stress-free about it from breaking down from wear and tear. The top platform can hold a variety of laptops varying from 12 inches to 18 inches, as the dimensions are 9.05-13.6×8.86-12.8×11.6 inches. The platforms are slightly angled and can be adjusted individually to the right position for comfortable staging. Apart from the platforms, the arm shelf can also be adjusted to up to 17 inches wide to accommodate my hefty controller. Considering safety as an important feature, the stand has rubber feet that keep the stand steady and stout, allowing you to focus on the gig without having anxiety. The only thing I do not like about the stand is that it doesn’t travel friendly at all due to its bulkiness.

  • Adjustable dimensions.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet.
  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • Highly stable and rugged.
  • Easy to assemble within 5 minutes.
  • Not travel friendly.

What’s in the bag?

  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Rock2d2 Dj controller stand

Our Verdict

 A great durable stand with open space for cables and speakers.

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Being as important as any other DJ equipment, DJ controller stand must also be bought with attention, its role of supporting devices cannot be ignored. We admonish you to take the quality of the stand, size, and weight of your gear into consideration to make the right choice. We believe this guide helped a lot you to select the exact product. Once you get hands-on your favorite pick, your talent will shine like a star.

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  • What is a DJ controller stand?

 The name itself isself-evident. DJs need a controller stand to position the controllers at a comfortable level while providing the stability and safety to the expensive gears.

  • How to choose a controller stand?

The selection of the stand wholly depends upon your needs, the size of your controller, and your budget. Buy one that accommodates your necessities.

  • Is it important to buy a controller stand?

A controller stand is important for a DJ as it facilitates them to comfortably reach every equipment while they perform to their fullest.

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