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Best Powered Speakers for DJs - Home, Party and Concert

Do you want to get rid of the hassle of setting up amplifiers when playing your speaker?

If so then you must be looking to buy the best DJs powered speaker. You have landed at the perfect place, I will guide you all about the features of powered speakers. You should need to know before buying them. I will give you a list of our top picks best-powered speakers for DJs and tell you why I like them. All this will help you to decide which one of them is the perfect match for you. Your presence here means that you know what powered speakers and DJ speakers are. If someone doesn’t know, I will discuss all this in the beginning so nobody gets confused.

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What is a powered speaker?

You must have heard people saying terms like powered speakers and passive speakers. If you are confused, You don’t have to worry anymore because I will explain these in the simplest way. The basic difference between both is the use of an amplifier. In powered speakers, the amplifier is builtin in the speakers. This makes the speakers very easy to use and kind of plug and play. As compared to, Passive speakers don’t have a builtin amplifier so we will need a separate amplifier. Passive speakers are a bit old. It becomes very complicated if you don’t know how to pair speakers according to the amplifier.

What is a DJ speaker?

DJ speaker is not really a “type” of the speaker; it is rather a way of referring to big PA speakers that the DJs use. DJs need bigger powerful speakers that they can use to play for their audience. A smaller studio speaker won’t do the job for them even at smaller parties so they need big PA systems. They also need good bass in the speakers because the bass is what compels their audience to dance. If the speakers’ bass is not good enough, the DJs usually use subwoofers for their aid. A good DJ speaker should have features like power, bass, clarity, and portability to name a few. If you want to know about the best DJ speaker options available I highly recommend you check out our article on Best DJ speakers.

Now that these confusing terms are explained and out of the way I will list my top picks that are best for the Job.

Best Budget Best Overall Runner Up
Mackie Thump 12A Yamaha DXR10 Bose F1 Model 812
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Very lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • Powerful with great Bass
  • Excellent coverage
  • Well balanced sound quality

Comparison of our top Powered Speakers DJ :

Powered Speakers ModelOutput PowerWeightApp Support 
Yamaha DXR101100 Watts32lbsNo Check Price
QSC K12.22000 Watts39lbsNo Check Price
Bose F1 8121000 Watts44.5lbsNo Check Price
Electro-Voice ZLX12P1000 Watts34.3lbsNo Check Price
Mackie Thump 12A1300 Watts35lbsNo Check Price

The selection of a powered DJ speaker is not very difficult if you have some prior experience of using them. But if you are unfamiliar with the technical features it might be hard for you to skim through the lists of options. Whatever your case is, I have got you covered. I Have compiled a list of key features that you must be aware of when looking for powered speakers for DJing. The knowledge of these features will help you to compare between different speakers. Hopefully, you will be able to choose one for yourself in the end.

Key features that a Powered Speaker for DJs should have:

Power of Speaker:

Power is the most important feature of a DJ speaker. It determines how loud the speaker gets when playing at high volumes. DJs usually play for bigger audiences so they naturally require loud-sounding speakers. A less powerful speaker is useless to them because the audience will not be able to hear anything. The power of a speaker is measured by its output power in watts. Speakers of various output powers are available in the markets. They range from tens of watts to thousands of watts. DJs usually use speakers with an output power of 800 watts and above. These speakers are usually enough for crowds of more than 100 people. If you are curious about how much power you need according to the audience, there is a general rule of thumb. According to this rule, you need about 10 watts per person. This means for an audience of more than 100 people you need at least 1000 watts of output power. Most of the time the DJs use more than one speaker. This increases the output power and hence the coverage.

Size of Speaker:

The size of the speaker usually refers to the size of the woofer cone. The size of the woofer determines how well it can produce low-frequency sounds. In layman’s term, this means the bass produced by the speaker. Many factors affect the quality of bass but most of them are controlled by the manufacturer. They engineer the low-frequency drivers in such a way that they produce the best quality bass. Bass is important for DJs because it compels the audience to dance. Speakers come in many sizes. The most commonly used speakers among DJs are usually 8-inches and larger. Again, DJs usually use more than one speaker in parallel which enhances the bass. They also use subwoofers with speakers which increase the bass further.

Design of Speaker:

The design of a speaker is not a technical feature but it has a significant impact on the user’s experience. The manufacturers always try to make the speakers as compact as possible. But every speaker has its own design and has its own set of pros and cons. There are some features that are of good use for the DJs. One of such feature is the mounting capabilities of the speaker. A DJ usually has to mount the speakers on poles or if it is an indoor event fly mounting is needed. So, if a speaker has both poles and flies sockets it is perfect for a DJ. Wedges on a speaker is another important design feature. Sometimes DJs have to place the speakers on the ground and wedges come handy in these situations. They provide the option to place the speaker on either side. They are also useful in case the DJ wants to use them as monitors on the stage. Another important design feature is the weight of the speaker. The speakers used by DJs are usually bigger and heavier but this does not mean that they are hard to carry around. Manufacturers place handles on the speaker and makes them light in weight so that they are easy to carry. DJs have to carry their speakers with them to the venues so a lightweight speaker is a game-changer for them.

Top DJ Powered Speakers Brands:

Now I am going to tell you about the top brands that are leading the way in the music equipment industry. These Brands use the latest technologies in their equipment and engineer them to perfection. These are the brands that are the best among others:

  • Bose
  • Yamaha
  • QSC
  • Electro-Voice
  • Mackie 

Best overall powered speaker for DJs

Yamaha DXR10:

Best Feature Powered DJ Speaker

Yamaha DXR10

If you are looking for a speaker that has it all then Yamaha DXR10 is the one you should get. It is, in my opinion, the best-powered speaker for DJs available in the market. Yamaha is known for its top-quality music equipment and the DXR10 speaker is no exception. It is currently one of the most popular speakers available and is a favorite of DJs. People love this speaker simply because it has the perfect blend of all the best features.

The Yamaha DXR10 packs 1100 watts of output power. This means that it can easily be used for an audience of more than 100 people. More than one of these speakers can be used to increase the audience coverage further. The output power of these speakers is perfect for DJs as they can easily handle big audiences. Furthermore, the maximum SPL claimed by Yamaha is 132dBs which is very loud and great for DJing.

The speakers in the DXR series come in various sizes. In my opinion, the DXR10 has the right size and performs better than its other counterparts. The 10-inch low-frequency driver is engineered to produce great bass. Usually, it does not need any aiding subwoofer. But still, if you want to increase the bass experience subwoofers can be used with them.

The Design of Yamaha DXR10 is very compact and ergonomic. It is designed to be very usable and portable. It has both the pole mounting sockets as well as the flying mounting sockets. This makes these speakers usable in various environments. The pole sockets allow for two different mounting angles. This makes it easy to change the coverage pattern of the speakers. The speaker is also fairly lightweight. It weighs around 32lbs which makes it quite portable. DJs can easily carry these to their venues. The body of the speakers is made of ABS which makes it very sturdy and durable.

The sound performance of these speakers is top-notch. The audio is clear and undistorted thanks to the built-in DSP protection processor. This processor makes sure that the sound quality is steady and the speakers don’t blow up at high volumes. The power and loudness make them the best-powered speakers for DJs. The frequency range these speakers can cover is between 50Hz to 20KHz which is great. They play both the low and high volumes very well. This means you can also use it in home theaters or studios when you are not performing. Although the price of these speakers is a bit on the higher side, they provide good value for the money. I have picked the Yamaha DXR10 as the best because it offers everything a DJ wants. It has the power, bass, compactness, and durability that a DJ needs for creating a good performance for the audience.

  • Good sound quality

  • Powerful

  • Expensive

Technical specs:

  • Output power: 1100-watt
  • Maximum SPL: 131 Db
  • Weight: 32lbs (14.6 Kgs)
  • Frequency range: 56Hz-20Khz
  • Pole socket: Yes
  • Flying socket: Yes

What we like about these speakers:

They are perfect for professional DJs who want good performance and durability.  

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Bose F1 Model 812:

Best Coverage Powered DJ Speaker

Bose F1 Model 812

Are you looking for a powered speaker for DJing with the best coverage capabilities? If yes then you should get the Bose F1 Model 812. This speaker is known for its audio coverage and unique design. Bose has designed this speaker in a very unique way. It is installed with its flexible array technology. It is usually paired with a separately sold subwoofer to form a full DJing sound system.

The Bose F1 Model 812 has an output power of 1000 watts and a maximum SPL rating of 132dBs. Both of these specifications make it a very powerful loudspeaker. The live performances of DJs require speakers that can deliver sound to every person in every corner of the venue. The Bose F1 has the right amount of power as well as the design for this purpose.

The Bose F1 is a 12-inch speaker that provides good bass for its size. But if more bass is required you can use a subwoofer with it. Bose sells a subwoofer specifically matched for the F1 Model 812 which you can also check out. The unique thing about this speaker is the use of flexible array technology in its design. There are a total of nine sound drivers in this speaker which is quite unusual. Eight of these are smaller speakers lined up at the front and a bigger 12-inch speaker is placed behind them. Furthermore, smaller speakers are designed to be able to bend. This bending changes the direction of coverage. If the speakers are placed on a stage and the audience is below them, the smaller speakers can be bent downwards. Similarly, if the audience is above you at any venue the speakers can be bent upwards. This way the sound can be directed towards the audience more effectively. Of course, the unbent speaker delivers the sound straight towards the audience. The built-in sensors configure the EQ according to the coverage patterns. In this way, the speakers produce a well balanced audio performance. This unique feature of the F1 speakers allows for better coverage and makes them a DJ favorite.

The Bose F1 is designed to be durable and easily transportable. It weighs around 44lbs and has a handle in its design which makes it easy to carry around. It is also mountable on a standard 35mm pole. Both the flexible array technology and the mounting capabilities make it a good powered speaker for DJs.

These speakers are very popular because of the great audio quality they produce. Their frequency coverage is between 43Hz and 20KHz. This allows them to play the bass-driven sounds very well. Their high-frequency sounds are well balanced as well thanks to the smaller drivers at the front. Overall, they are excellent speakers but their downside is their price. Although they are pricey, they provide good value and would not disappoint you.

  • Excellent coverage

  • Well balanced sound quality

  • Expensive

Technical specs:

  • Output power: 1000-watt
  • Maximum SPL: 132 Db
  • Weight: 44.5lbs (20 Kgs)
  • Frequency range: 43Hz-20Khz
  • Pole socket: Yes
  • Flying socket: No

What we like about these speakers:

They provide the best audio coverage that a professional DJ needs and the audio quality is unmatched.

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QSC K12.2:

Best Outdoors Powered DJ Speaker

QSC K12.2

QSC is another great brand of speakers and has a wide range of quality speakers. The K12.2 is one of the most popular quality powered speakers by QSC. This speaker is characterized by the power it provides. Its power rating speaks for itself as it is one of the loudest sounding powered speakers available in the market. Its elegant design makes it very cool looking and stylish. They are great speakers for DJs because of their power and usability.

The QSC K12.2 has an output wattage of 2000 watts which makes it the most powerful speaker in this list. It can easily be used for events having more than 150 people which makes it ideal for DJs. It has a max SPL of 132dBs which means it can get very loud. Even though it is a very loud speaker it maintains its superior audio quality at high volumes. This speaker can be used at any event where gathering a lot of people is expected like churches, parties, weddings. It is designed for professionals who want functionality,  great performance, and purposeful design.

The K12.2 has a 12-inch low-frequency transducer that allows it to produce a good amount of bass. The bass produced by the speaker itself is good enough for DJing purposes. Still, if the greater bass experience is required it can be connected to subwoofers.

These K12.2 speakers have a very intuitive design. It is a very feature-rich speaker and provides many useful functionalities to the user. It has a digital display at the back which can be used to control and configure the EQ, delay, and contour. It also provides a list of presets for various event environments. These preset allow for a quick configuration. It has a weight of 39lbs which is not a lot and is very portable. Moreover, the design has had many small changes in this newer model. It is a more stylish looking speaker than its previous versions. It has two pole mounting sockets, unlike its previous versions which had one. It allows for flying mounting as well so it is very usable. 

Overall, these are great speakers for music professionals who intend to use these for bigger events. They provide good audio quality, power, bass, and durability to the user. All these factors are just what a DJ needs. They are a bit expensive but the functionalities and quality offered by QSC make them very well priced.

  • Highly useful digital interface

  • Flawless audio quality

  • Expensive

Technical specs:

  • Output power: 2000-watt
  • Maximum SPL: 132 Db
  • Weight: 39lbs (18 Kgs)
  • Frequency range: 45Hz-20Khz
  • Pole socket: Yes
  • Flying socket: Yes

What we like about these speakers:

They are naturally a DJs favorite because of their extreme power.

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Best Budget powered DJ speaker:

Mackie Thump 12A:

Best Budget Powered DJ Speaker

Mackie Thump 12A

The Mackie Thump 12A is our top pick in powered speakers for DJs under a budget. In my opinion, it is the best powered speaker under a budget. Even though it is lower in price it offers similar audio quality to the higher-end speakers. It lacks some features of the high-end speakers but has qualities necessary for DJing. It is loud and powerful, has good bass, and is very durable in design.

The Mackie Thump is a low-end powered speaker but it has not compromised on the power and audio quality. It is a 1300-watt speaker which makes it the second most powerful speaker in this list. It is very popular among DJs and other music professionals because of its high-quality audio performance. It produces crisp and clear balanced sounds with no distortions even at high volumes. It can be used indoors at low volumes and no matter how big a hall is it will fill it with its sound.

As the name suggests the Mackie Thump speakers are good at producing bass-heavy sounds. The 12A version of Mackie Thump has great bass and complimenting sound quality. It is perfect for DJing and its low-frequency performance is good enough for most audiences. For a bigger audience multiple, Mackie Thumps can be set up. Subwoofers can also be used to enhance the experience.

The Mackie Thump speaker has a modern design and provides all the features a professional DJ needs. Despite being a low-end speaker, it has many features a high-end speaker provides. This is one of the reasons I think this is the best budget powered speaker for DJing. It has a digital display at the back which can be used to change EQ and configure other settings. It also houses a DSP processor that monitors the input levels and balanced sound performance. The speaker itself is shockingly lightweight. It is around 30lbs so very lightweight and in fact the lightest in this list. It also has handles on the sides so it is a very portable speaker. The sides of the speaker are designed as wedges so it can be placed on the ground and used as stage monitors. It also supports pole mounting which adds to its usability.

These speakers are perfect if you are a beginner and looking for powered DJ speakers on a budget. They are also great if you want powered speakers for backup and don’t want to spend much money on them. They are also good for professional DJing use as they have all the features required for DJing. Whatever you are buying speakers for the Mackie thumps would not disappoint you.

  • Budget-Friendly

  • Very lightweight

  • Subwoofers might be needed in some events.

Technical specs:

  • Output power: 1300-watt
  • Maximum SPL: NA
  • Weight: 30lbs (13 Kgs)
  • Frequency range: NA
  • Pole socket: Yes
  • Flying socket: No

What we like about these speakers:

These are perfect for someone looking for budget powered DJ speakers because they have all the features necessary for DJing.

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Best Value Powered DJ Speaker


The EV ZLX-12P provides a good option for someone looking to improve his/her speaker’s inventory while staying under a budget. The EV has installed it with every good feature they could add. It is a high-performance budget-friendly speaker. Although it can be used at different events it offers great features that are specific to DJs. It is a popular speaker and many DJs use them at their events. It also makes for a great stage monitor.

These speakers are rated at 1000 watts and can have a maximum SPL of 126dBs. They are powerful enough to DJ for weddings, parties, etc. and are great for indoor events. Their audio quality is very good and without any distortions. Two of these speakers can be used together for bigger events as well.

The bass on these speakers is great and sufficient for smaller parties. You might need a subwoofer in case you are planning to DJ at a bigger event. They have a good classic design with a steel grill in front and a black powder coat enclosure. The sides of the speakers have wedges so that they can easily be set up as monitors. Furthermore, these wedges are rubber coated which offer good grip and protection. The speakers are very light in weight weighing only around 34 pounds. There are handles on both sides as well which come handy when carrying the speaker around. A digital display is also installed at the back which provides easy configuration for EQ. It is also installed with many presets which can be selected through the digital display.

Overall, the EV ZLX-12P offers great value for the many. They provide better sound performance as compared to speakers of the same class. For this reason, they are a good option for someone who wants a powered DJ speaker under a budget. They are multi-purpose as they can be used for a variety of purposes at various events. They provide the quality of a high-end speaker at a lesser price. This makes them a perfect powered DJ speaker for beginners.

  • Budget-friendly

  • Good sound quality

  • For better coverage subwoofer might be needed.

Technical specs:

  • Output power: 1000-watt
  • Maximum SPL: 126 Db
  • Weight: 34.4lbs (15.6 Kgs)
  • Frequency range: 50Hz-20Khz
  • Pole socket: Yes
  • Flying socket: No

What we like about these speakers:

They are good on budget and are perfect for beginner DJs.

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Most of the time, a person looking to buy a powered DJ speaker gets confused because of the number of options. There are a huge number of brands and each has tens of different series to choose from. The good news is that some factors can be kept in mind when selecting a powered speaker. A DJ has to play for a big audience so he requires a big powerful speaker which has good sound and bass to dance to. Similarly, ease of use is also required. Most of the speakers have simple interfaces to configure the settings which ease the life of a DJ. Moreover, a more usable design which allows for easy mounting and placing is also essential to a DJ. If you can find all of these features in one speaker you get the perfect powered DJ speaker. In this list of speakers, I have made sure that each speaker possesses these features. All of these speakers provide excellent audio quality and can be used at various DJ events. These are all very popular and used professionally by DJs. Our list contains both the high end as well as the low-end speakers. So, if you want a speaker for professional use you might want to get high-end speakers like the Yamaha DXR10 or the Bose F1 speakers. But if you want something for the practice you might go for the budget options like the Mackie Thumps. However, it all depends upon your intended use and budget. A budget speaker doesn’t mean it can’t be used for main events. They are powerful enough and will not let you down.


What is the difference between Powered and passive speakers?

A powered speaker has a built-in amplifier whereas the passive ones require a separate amplification hardware.

What is a PA speaker system?

A PA speaker means a public address speaker. These are the speakers that are powerful enough for big addresses and events like concerts.

What is a good powered speaker under 500 Dollars?

The Mackie Thump and EV ZLX-12P are great speakers for under 500 dollars.

What is a good powered DJ speaker for beginners?

Budget speakers like the EV ZLX-12P and Mackie Thump are good for beginners. They sound great and you don’t have to spend too much.

How to connect DJ mixer/controller to the speakers?

Connect one end of RCA or XLR cables to the output ports of the DJ mixer and the other end to the input ports of speakers.

How many speakers do DJs need?

The number of speakers DJs use depends on the number of people in the crowd. Most DJs use two or more speakers for proper loudness and bass.

How many watts DJ speakers?

The number of watts a DJ needs depends on the strength of the crowd. A general room of thumb is 10 watts per person for an outdoor event and 5 watts per person for an indoor event.

Do you need an amplifier for DJ speakers?

Whether you need an amplifier or not depends on the type of speakers you are using. A powered speaker does not require amplification hardware whereas a passive speaker does.

How many watts of speaker do I need?

The number of watts you need depends on the strength of the crowd. A general room of thumb is 10 watts per person for an outdoor event and 5 watts per person for an indoor event.

Do passive speakers sound better?

Passive speakers require separate amplifier but this does not necessarily mean they sound better than the powered speakers.

Is more watts better for speakers?

More watts means the speaker is louder. If you are playing for big crowds you would definitely need more watts of output power.

How do you know if a speaker is active or passive?

An active speaker has an amplifier built into its body. If there are some amplification controls on the back of the speaker, it is most likely a powered/Active speaker. Otherwise, you can look up the model of the speakers on Google to know whether it is an active speaker or a passive speaker.

How many speakers do DJs need?

The number of speakers DJs need depends on the number of people in the crowd. Most DJs use two or more speakers for proper loudness and bass.

Can you DJ without speakers?

No, you need a speaker to listen to what you are DJing.

what makes a speaker loud?

The loudness of the speaker depends on its output power. Higher the number of watts it has louder it sounds.

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